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Calligraphy INK, dedicated to providing a product at a competitive price, as well as our attention to detail with particular emphasis on acceptable etiquette practices, resulting in a product you will be proud to be associated with.  Ink-scripted calligraphy available by machine, specialize in providing calligraphy envelope addressing, place card printing and much more with our library of over 900 typestyles.  Whatever your needs, Calligraphy INK can help you achieve the style, appearance and lasting impression you are looking for.  Refer to our Feedback page and our Facebook page at for references to assist you in determining the best-qualified and dedicated organization to fill your calligraphy needs. Established May 1995.


Ink-scripted calligraphy by machine to address your envelopes, place cards, menus, programs, etc. with each piece being individually handled.  Our standard setup is horizontally centered on the envelope with the address being placed just below center of the envelope vertically to account for postage.  Stuffing, stamping, sealing and mailing service is a four-part service.  The service is complemented by the numbering of the back of the reply card with a corresponding list that will be provided upon completion.  If time is of the essence, our Three Day, Two Day* or Next Day Service* is guaranteed (*Restrictions apply).   Refer to our published price information for these services.


From our library of over 900 typestyles, we provide you the option of matching your invitation typestyle or choosing an entirely different look.  To find the typestyle that best suits your needs it is suggested you match your invitation typestyle to your envelope requirement.  Keep in mind that manufactures of invitations may identify their product by a different name, therefore, the appearance should be the criteria rather than the name.  Calligraphy INK will assist you in your effort to achieve your desired look after receiving a sample requirement.


Because of the wide range of color variations, we have determined that any color aside from black is a custom color.  Colors other than black must attach a sample of the desired color.  Should your requirement be to match your invitation then a sample of the invitation can be attached.  Calligraphy INK will use reasonable effort to assure a match of your color, although final approval remains yours before production begins.  There is an additional charge for this process.

NOTE: In an effort to meet the ever expanding needs, desires and requirements, Calligraphy INK now offers Gold, Silver and White allowing for application to black or dark colored stock. (Smooth surfaces only.) Price available on application.


The most economical way presently available of providing us your guest list is as an attachment through e-mail:   The most prevalent and universal programs used are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.  Spreadsheets are preferred.  Correcting extra spacing, missing periods or abbreviations necessary can be made for an additional charge.  Should you be unable to supply a list through e-mail, Calligraphy INK can, for an additional charge, prepare it for you.  Be certain to proofread your list before sending it.  The list you provide determines the way your envelopes, place cards, etc. look.  Calligraphy INK is not responsible for merchandise or any additions, corrections or deletions that have been made after receipt of your list without compensation.


It is important that your list is proofread before being sent to us. Calligraphy INK assumes responsibility for mistakes over which we have control, however, not for any incorrect information presented.  The list you provide becomes the master list from which your order is processed, therefore, care is recommended with regard to its accuracy.

NOTE: All envelopes, place cards, etc. must be delivered at one time before processing begins. Unused envelopes will be returned with your completed envelopes. Allow for 10% spoilage.


Should additions, corrections and reprints be required, refer to the option of "Additions, Corrections and Reprints" on our published price information.  All of the unused envelopes will be returned with your completed order unless otherwise indicated.


Refer to our published price information for minimum order requirement.


There is an additional charge for this process.  Refer to our published price information.


Choose the method of shipment that best suits your needs (i.e. UPS Overnight, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS Ground, Express Mail, Courier are tracked or Priority Mail, Regular Mail which are not tracked.)  Charge varies depending on the method of shipping and weight.  Signed order form, envelopes, place cards, etc., list, and any color samples required will need to be included with your order.  Be sure to specify in the shipping instruction box on our order form the method of shipping for the return of your order.


Turnaround time will vary based on the quantity of the order.  Orders will be received when all materials and information to process your order is available for processing.  After the order is received in full, it will be processed and returned as the production schedule permits.  We make every effort to maintain a five to seven business day schedule.  (Turnaround time does not include shipping time.)  Should time constraints require a more expedient schedule, refer to the option of "Three Day, Two Day and Next Day Service" on our published price information.


Cash, check, cashier's check or money order is due upon completion or delivery.


Monday thru Friday:  By Appointment Only


Warranty: Calligraphy INK reserves the right to replace or reprint at their option, but in all cases Calligraphy INK is to be held harmless for any consequential damages.


General Information
List Preparation

3315 Cave Springs Drive Kingwood, Texas 77339
phone (713)726-0446


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