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List Preparation


Your guest list, being one the most important parts of the processes for a successful event, the following information is offered to assist you in your preparation to insure your event is a most memorable one.  In order to accommodate the most often used method of distribution, US Mail, the list should contain the title, name, address, city, state and zip code.  The information you provide, including unwanted spaces, capital letters, misspelled words and the like is the information you should expect and will receive on your finished product.  Calligraphy INK will, upon detection, and with authorized written approval make any necessary corrections to your list for an additional charge.  The most economical way, at this time, of transmitting your list is through e-mail.  We accept list on IBM or compatible diskettes or you may fax or mail your typed or legibly hand-written list from which we will convert to format for processing for an additional charge.  Allow for 10% spoilage.

Recommendations for providing your list through e-mail:

1) Attach your guest list file to your e-mail and direct it to:

2) Save a second file in a universal text format such as ASCII (Text-              comma delimited) and also attach to your e-mail.

Recommendations for preparing your list on a computer disk:

1) Save your file onto a 3.5" IBM or compatible disk.

2) Advise us which program and version you used to prepare your list. (i.e.WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows, Lotus Ami Pro 3.0, Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows, Microsoft Excel 5.0 for Windows, Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS or Windows, Microsoft Works 3.0 for Windows, etc.).  We prefer your list in a spreadsheet.

3) When preparing your list, remember that whatever you type is what appears on your envelope. We suggest you (a) do not use the "ampersand" (&) instead spell out "and",  (b) do not type in ALL CAPS or abbreviate any word except for Mr., Mrs., Dr. or Jr.  (c) use No. or Apt. instead of # for apartment numbers, (d) do not leave excess spacing through your list or at the end of each line, (e) do not tab between lines, but rather press enter.

4) If you are using a program other than those listed above, you should also save your list in a universal text format such as ASCII (DOS only) or RTF (Rich Text File for Windows/DOS). These are generally considered to be industry-wide generic file formats which can be utilized if there is difficulty in converting your list from your selected program's format.

5) Include a printout of your guest list to insure that your entire list is converted and printed properly.

6) The following are examples you may follow while preparing your guest list.


Cell A1

Cell B1

Cell C1

Cell D1

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Collins

1234 Coventry Lane, No. 34

Culver, Colorado 01234

Mr. and Mrs. Collins

Multiple Guests:

Cell A1

Cell B1

Cell C1

Cell D1

Cell E1

Cell D1

Mr. John Miller

Mr. Craig Hunter

1234 Coventry Lane

Culver, Colorado 01234

Mr. Miller

Mr. Hunter

Word Processor:

Dr. and Mrs. George Peterson

9 Tree Top Road

Roma, North Dakota 67890

Dr. and Mrs. Peterson

Recommendations for mailing or faxing your list:

1) Legibly hand-written or typed list is required. If the list provided is not legible, the list will be returned by the fastest and most reasonable means possible for you to proofread.  We can not be held responsible for mistakes in proofreading under these circumstances.


Macintosh users MUST save the file on an IBM formatted disk.  In addition, you must save your files in an IBM compatible format suck as ASCII text or RTF (Rich Text Format).


Warranty: Calligraphy INK reserves the right to replace or reprint at their option, but in all cases Calligraphy INK is to be held harmless for any consequential damages.


General Information
List Preparation

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